Future Position: Marketing Professional

Future Position: Marketing Professional
The Marketing Professional position is an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team working in the challenging and fast-moving niche of decorative components for cabinetry and furniture. The marketing professional must be a highly motivated, technically competent individual who will focus on the brand development, product line life spans, customer feedback, and manage multiple sales channels. He/She also must demonstrate creativity and be equipped to problem-solve situations that include customers, staff, and even vendors. He/She should be familiar with various product marketing techniques, like email campaigns and pricing strategies, along with understanding the basics of marketing campaign strategy. The marketing professional also develops and executes product and market strategy initiatives by capturing customer insight and translating it into actionable tasks, products, and programs which benefit customers and drive revenue.
+ 5+ years? experience in marketing
+ Bachelor?s Degree in Marketing
+ Demonstrated experience in creating successful marketing and public relations/campaigns
+ Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop
+ The ability to pick up a working knowledge of a CRM, a website CMS, basic HTML, web-based programs such as an email marketing client
+ The ability to multi-task and organize/prioritize projects
+ The capacity to direct, motivate, and influence team members to ensure productivity and creativity
+ Must be knowledgeable with search engine optimization and other online marketing strategies
+ Must be willing to travel 7-10 days per month
+ Naturally fluent public speaking skills
+ Strong strategic planning and tactical implementation experience in marketing across various outlets including web-based, traditional, multi-media, etc.
+ Must be resourceful
+ Ability to understand the competition and industry ecosystem, along with the Osborne product line, to influence product and business development decisions
+ Competent in event planning, including trade shows and assembling travel itineraries
+ Must be proficient with analytical and reporting functions
+ Desire and ability to achieve customer service objectives by collecting customer service information and transforming it to strategic plans and programs with input from the customer service team
+ Must be knowledgeable with advertising strategy both digital and print
+ Proficient keyboarding, minimum 50 words per minute
+ Consistent, punctual attendance in compliance with company policies
Activities will include but not limited to:
+ Develop measuring system for determining the success of each marketing program
+ Coordinate all media contact and ensure the company strategically places print and digital coverage
+ Monitor that all campaigns are staying on track and analyze the results
+ Researching / Understanding / Analyzing Industry Trends
+ Develop and maintain all company marketing policies and communicate these policies to the entire organization
+ Maintain editorial control on all marketing ventures that are released on behalf of the company
+ Review Web Analytics and work as a team to improve online marketing
+ Implement SEO initiatives, plans, and upkeep
+ Collaborate with Marketing Staff about initiating new marketing channels and maintaining existing ones
+ Reporting on Product/Customer Performance
+ Oversee Copywriting Efforts
+ Produce Videos
+ Set up and Maintain Permanent Exhibitions
+ Set up and Maintain Revolving Exhibitions (Trade Shows)
+ Event Planning
+ Customer Visitation
+ Additional job responsibility?s assigned by your manager
Attributes -Trustworthy, dependable, focused, detail orientated with the ability to assert and define department procedures to a group. Innovative thinker with the ability to come up with unique solutions to challenges.
Compensation- Pay based upon experience.
Benefits- Company offers regular daytime hours, insurance (health, vision, dental, life and disability), vacation, credit union, 401k, personal time benefits, and use of the company?s fitness center.
Emailresume toresume@osbornewood.com.
OSBORNE WOOD PRODUCTS, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. The Company is committed to providing equal opportunity in all employment practices, including but not limited to selection, hiring promotion, transfer, and compensation to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, handicap or disability, citizenship status, service member status, genetic information or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law.

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