TeleTherapy Position as a School OT

Job Description:
TeleTherapy Position as a School OT Full Time Opening VocoVision combines crystal clear voice with the sharpest video to provide next-generation video calling and high-definition video delivery.
With its live, face-to-face interaction, VocoVisions not the next best thing to being there in person its just as good, and, in some cases, even better.
With advanced state-of-the-art games, students will actually look forward to their therapy sessions.
And VocoVisions one of the only TeleInstructor programs to offer bilingual therapy games.
In addition, we provide clinical and technical training for our Occupational Therapist.
Work from home today as an OT servicing a range of disorders in aSchool District.
Qualifications Masters Level Degree Licensed through State Board AOTA Approved Set IEP goals Ability to pass basic computer screening Ability to work with a range of disorders Advantages Eliminates transportation concerns Reduces the hassle Eliminates the cost of gas Reduces missed visits due to illness Ideal solution for medically fragile patients If you are interested in career advancement as an Occupational Therapist, please submit your resume to chana.
comor call me at 770-325-0321.

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